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Gupta’s have been in the food business for years and years (since 1979!!!), running a couple of shops in London, specialising in Indian sweets and savouries.

Word got around and we became more and more well known for our samosas, ras malai, gulab jamun and sohan papri.

People started asking us to supply food for small house parties and events which soon progressed to elaborate weddings and receptions.

We were then catering at The NEC for all the Bollywood Shows for around 12 years – and we got to feed all the Bollywood actors too!

Eight years ago one of the guests at an event we had catered for came to us and invited us to participate in the first Alchemy Asian Street Festival at The Southbank of clothes, artefacts and most importantly food!

The buzz we got by cooking, serving and seeing people’s reactions as they tucked into their food and the looks on their faces, got us hooked and we haven’t stopped since! The feeling of satisfaction when someone comes back to you and says that they’ve just eaten “the most delicious thing in years” can’t be matched!

We’re now serving thousands of happy customers every week and travelling up and down the country spreading the word!! We’re at daily markets, festivals, concerts, London Zoo, BBC Good Food Shows – Hampton Court, Blenheim Palace, The Ideal Home Shows, Trafalgar Square and loads more!

We don’t know what the future holds but safe to say it’ll involve more of what we’re doing now and a lot more smiley faces!!


We’re always tweaking our menus so our customers get what they want Maybe. a little more chilli, a richer sauce or a different dahl?? But these always prove to be the favourites!!

The Saif

The one that everyone wants

“The Yummiest Wrap in Town”

Tender pieces of spiced marinated boneless chicken thigh – sizzling hot and wrapped in a soft naan with a crunchy salad, topped with special sauces and a handful of dhaniya

The Amitabh

Take the Saif – drop the naan and add a delicious tadkha dahl sandwiching a a heap of long grained fluffy basmati – delicious

The Shah Rukh

Definitely one for the saucy types!!!

The best succulent pieces of boneless chicken cooked in our trademark masala sauce – along with our tadka dahl and very, very long grain basmati rice

The Kareena

A perfect match for the Saif but only if you’re a vegetarian Cubes of fresh paneer stir fried with vegetables and lovingly wrapped like a Saif!! The perfect antidote to a growling tummy

The Ashwariya

This is perfect if you fancy a bit of everything….minus the meat!!! Yummy tadka dahl with delish masala paneer on top of a fluffy bed of pure basmati rice

Samosas and Bhajis

What can we say – just like mama used to make…my mama anyway!!



"...the most authentic samosa in central London."

Prepare to get hungry and watch this video by one of our fans to see the Mr . Bombay team in action : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIIhz3ca2-A



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07956 511227


262 Watford Way London NW4 4UJ